Shroud of Distress - Be Happy - Album review

Shroud of Distress is a German depressive shoegaze black metal project. The band involves N. on Vocals and Drums, Blackout on Guitar, M. on Guitar and A. on Bass.
The band recorded an EP in 2010 which was released in 2011 by Pest Productions (see
The EP is entitled “Be Happy”. The title is explained in the first so-called song of the EP. The song contains some very good riff and excellent depressive atmosphere. Beautiful agonizing vocals describe the internal monologue of one guy. He is overwhelmed with confusion and pain, loses himself in a hole yet feels no fear and propose to offer his body and soul. Then an announcement is made with spoken words by the type of voice you hear on the radio. The information given is that a young was found dead in the wardrobe of its parents' house, after committing suicide. The young man left a last note : “Be Happy".

The second song starts with some pop rock sounds in the background while someone lights a cigarette and coughs. Then the song offers some very dark and emotive sounds with guitar and drums. The harsh vocals are very emotional. A very nice song.
The third song begins with great atmosphere with guitar and bass before delivering one of the best metal groove I’ve heard. Then at 5:00 the song blasts into some fierce depressive black metal. Surprising, exciting, this is an excellent song.
“Signs” is the fourth and last song of this great EP. Another song with beautiful depressive atmosphere, great guitar working and astonishing vocals. Once again there are excellent ideas (some spoken words in German language and an extract of a pop song at the very end of the EP).

The listening of this EP drains all the tiredness from my soul. This depressive music is full of light.
I highly recommend you to listen to Shroud of Distress' debut album. Be Happy.

One may hear the funny song at the end of the EP, here

One may hear the song “Discolored Leaves” here :

One may here a re-recorded version (2012) of "Life underestimated" (with nice shots of the band members) :

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