Misere Nobis - Debut album - Fade Away Gradually, My Hope...

Misere Nobis is an Italian depressive suicidal black metal project. The band was created last year by Gris (guitars) and Torpor (drums). The band also involves Ø Negative on vocals and Dave on bass guitar.
I assume the band's name was taken from the first song of the first full length of the German band Nyktalgia. Misere Nobis’ debut album is entitled "Fade Away Gradually, My Hope...". The lyrics are quite depressive. They are dealing with negative aspects inside our modern society and the curse of Mankind (we are all going to die and we are aware of it). These negative aspects lead the narrator to severe pain and suffering. He is searching for escape in solitude, silence and suicide. The lyrics are quite various. They even include some attraction to obscure sources (the darkness emperor mentioned in “Mea Mors” or the creature of the night appearing in “Sopor Aeternus”).
That’s for the general concept of the lyrics. Then what about the music? Well the band is quite talented. The compositions are based on repetitive riffs and harsh vocals with great emotional skills. Guitars, drums and vocals are very dark and emotive. Ø Negative 's agonizing vocals have great intensity. The band is able to input a great amount of atmosphere with only guitars, bass and drums (no keyboard here if only for a few notes on a piano). The songs are quite long yet the band includes several tempo shifts in each song, with great success as none of the songs feels to be long.
I must have got a very hard heart as I do not feel depressed while listening to this album (and not at all suicidal, mind you). It’s like as if all these beautiful depressive music was draining all the pain from my soul.
I highly recommend you to listen to this band.

Misere Nobis’s debut album is to be released this summer by the label Pest Productions. Stay tuned on http://website.pest666.com/

One can already see the trailer of the album here:

One may hear a song by the band here :

Misere Nobis - Debut album - Fade Away Gradually, My Hope... Misere Nobis - Debut album - Fade Away Gradually, My Hope... Reviewed by Concerts expos by Pat on mai 28, 2012 Rating: 5

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