Opeth - Paris - Bataclan - 03/April/2010 - Evolution XX - An Opeth Anthology

Opeth - Evolution XX - An Opeth Anthology - Paris - Bataclan - 03 April 2010

Opeth celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Six concerts are held throughout the world in Stockholm, Essen, Paris tonight, London, New York and Los Angeles.When we arrive, the queue outside the Bataclan is quite huge. Many fans. We enter the place just in time for the beginning of the show.
No opener. Opeth arrives on stage under a huge ovation. The stage is simple. Above the stage a giant screen shows the group's logo or visuals depicting the songs played or videos of  forest and sea. The lights are superb. The sound is excellent. Opeth starts with a song from the album Blackwater Park. They will play the entire album. The singer / guitarist / leader Mikael Åkerfeldt, usually so talkative, does not say a word between the songs. The crowd reacts intensely, stressing the riffs and screaming in joy between each piece. The end of the song "The Drapery Falls" raises a huge ovation. The group displays a very calm attitude on stage.
At the end of the album the giant screen displays splendid images of raging sea while the music is melodic, alternatively with lightning during the passages when the music is furious.

This is an opportunity for me to rediscover the album Blackwater Park. It's really beautiful music. The clear voice as the dragon voice are beautiful. The drummer is mad. The musicians build a sound environment that is both powerful and melodic. This music is complex, varied, unpredictable, surprising while remaining captivating. The band leaves the stage at the end of the album (i.e. 1:10) on a simple "merci beaucoup" (i.e "thank you very much" in French). The giant screen announces an intermission of twenty minutes.
After 20 minutes, Opeth is back on stage. Mikael is now in high spirits and he says joke after joke between songs. The audience laughed uproariously. Mikael does not hesitate to interact with the audience, responding with pleasure to the people (a voice screams "I love you", Mikael asks "is it a woman?"). The atmosphere was already very good in the first part and now it becomes downright excellent in this second part. Michael explains that, in order to celebrate its 20 years, the band will interpret a title of each album in chronological order. This is an opportunity for Mikael to cite individual members who have joined the band so far, among many anecdotes about the band's career and recording of the albums. All served with humor ("My mother was in a group of melodic death metal") and a lot of simplicity.
All albums are represented except "Blackwater Park". Some ask for a sample of Blackwater Park. Mikael laughs : "we have already played all the *%! # LP in the first set".The second part set lasts 1:50. Opeth finally leaves the scene.
Tonight Opeth played 3 hours of great music in a very good atmosphere.I spent a wonderful evening. Happy Birthday Opeth.

Setlist :
* 1st set :
- The Leper Affinity
- Bleak
- Harvest
- The Drapery Falls
- Dirge for November
- The Funeral Portrait
- Patterns in the Ivy
- Blackwater Park

* 2nd set :

- Forest of October
- Advent
- April Ethereal
- The Moor
- Wreath
- Hope Leaves
- Reverie/Harlequin Forest
- The Lotus Eater

Opeth - Paris - Bataclan - 03/April/2010 - Evolution XX - An Opeth Anthology Opeth - Paris - Bataclan - 03/April/2010 - Evolution XX - An Opeth Anthology Reviewed by Concerts expos by Pat on avril 09, 2010 Rating: 5

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